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The Finest USMC Ring Out There. Period.

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Officially Licensed US Marine ring by the U.S. Marine Corps
Marine ring gold
Marine ring silver
Marine Corps ring in 14K Gold
Marine Corps ring in Sterling Silver
"When I set out to design a Marine ring worthy of a
United States Marine,  I knew it had to be beyond comparison.
It had to be instantly recognizable, affordable to all ranks
and of the highest quality.  It is just that."
Mike Carroll 

Distinguished by the eagle, globe and fouled anchor, our Marine ring is heavy
in weight, extreme in detail and of the highest quality. Each US Marine Corps ring is
made one-at-a-time to your exact size and our exacting standards. It is cast into a
single, solid piece of precious metal using the ancient 'lost wax casting method' used by
the finest jewelers in the world. Our Marine Corps ring design is carved under the
wings and globe, as shown above, to enhance the design and offset the EGA.
No gluing, no plating, no soldering and no chance of falling apart.
We guarantee each of our Marine Corps rings 100%.

Marine Ring Pricing

Heavy Solid Sterling Silver Marine ring (approximately 15 grams) $274

10K Solid Yellow Gold Marine ring
14K Solid Yellow or White Gold Marine ring
18K Solid Yellow or White Gold Marine ring
* Prices are listed for any size ring
through size 13. Slight additional cost for larger sizes.

Active Duty and Disabled Veteran Discounts
Free Shipping to APO addresses

shopping cart

Due to the fluctuations in the gold and precious metals markets,
please check our shopping cart for current pricing.

A Light Version of our Marine ring is available in all metals.
10% lighter in weight, 10% lower in price and preferred by some Marines with smaller ring sizes.

Solid Sterling Silver
Marine ring, Light (approximately 13.5 grams) $246
10K Gold Marine ring, Light
14K Solid Yellow or White Gold Marine ring, Light
18K Solid Yellow or White Gold Marine ring, Light

* Prices are listed for any size ring up to and including size 13. Slight additional cost for larger sizes.


What Marines Say About Our Marine Corps Ring...

My Marine Corps ring arrived today. A better looking ring would be impossible to find. Thanks for your great work and the fast service.  It arrived 1 week after placing my order. I joined the Corps on the Buddy Plan back in 1966 and see my Buddy every summer when I return home for my annual visit to New Jersey. I am looking forward to showing it to him.
B. Newman, Shoreline, WA

I have the great honor to tell you that I have just received my Marine Corps ring that you made for me. Let me say that the Marine ring is beyond my expectations in all respects! I will wear the ring with much pride and respect for the truly magnificent sacrifices of the Marines who have come before and the Marines who are serving--but most especially for the Marines who have paid the ultimate price for freedom to our great United States of America. I thank you for your artisan craftsmanship to our beloved
UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS! Well done! Semper Fidelis,
Mike Nicolet, Sgt, USMC (Ret.)

Hi Maribeth, My Marine Corps ring arrived today. It took my breath away. Leatherneck magazine does not do it justice. It is the most beautiful Marine ring I have ever seen and I know that my husband will absolutely love it and cherish it for life. Please tell Mike that he has a wonderful talent and that I so appreciate that talent. It was worth every single penny. What a great thing you are doing. Please feel free to use my quote in any advertising.
Thank you for a wonderful Christmas.
S. Carpenter, Newark, OH

Dear Mike, We would like to thank you for your very kind donation of a sterling silver Marine Corps ring for the Officers' Wives'Club 2010 Margaritaville Auction. The funds raised will go toward scholarships and community enrichment grants that will directly support the military community. You are truly making a difference!Thanks again for your generosity and patriotism.
Cathy Pratt, President, Camp Pendleton OWC
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"The Finest Marine ring Out There. Period. "

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