What Our Customers Say

Hey Mike, my Defender ring arrived 8/8/22, as you indicated it would, and I have to say that this is the most impressive ring I have ever seen or worn.  When your website described it as “one of the larger rings,” I have to confess that I thought “Yeah, sure, I’ve read that before.” But this ring is a beast! It is indeed a commanding design and the weight and feel of the ring is extraordinary.  As a USAF Security Forces veteran and military retiree, this ring says it all.  Thanks so very much for your amazing work and the speed with which you filled my order.  

Also, I’m in the midst of relocating and will be resuming my podcast (audio and video) very soon.  I anticipate some good comments and feedback when my viewers see that ring!

D. Carter, Cameron Park, CA

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Carroll, I bought two rings in the past, Freedom and Defender. My Uncle passed away and left me some money. I wanted to spend a portion of that on a lasting memorial to him. I purchased the Centurion ring. It is absolutely beautiful, solid, heavy and extremely detailed. My uncle was a U.S. Army veteran of Viet Nam and I’m a Gulf war veteran. I remember my uncle every day because I wear my ring everyday. This ring will be passed down to my son, a USMC veteran of the Iraq war, Thank you for treating me like part of your family and I will be getting another ring from you soon – made in the U.S.A.! Sincerely yours.

M. Reister, Chester, IL

Mr. Carroll, what can I say about this magnificent ring? The Phoenix ring even now shines on my hand, heavy with fine craftsmanship and minute detail. It is going to be shown to everyone that I know, and I am already planning another purchase. I am truly impressed with the styling and the look of the ring, as it is everything that I had hoped. Thank you and good luck!

J. Ives, Richmond, TX

Just received my two 18K gold eagle rings and they are both absolutely outstanding. The workmanship that you put into these rings is worth of emulation by others. I was really happy to have found your website back 20 years ago when I was looking for something special to commemorate my retirement from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, after a 33+ years of service. I then chose the Centurion ring in 18K gold. Here it is 20 years later and it looks like it was made yesterday. 

My latest acquisitions, the America, with the enamel flags, the Sentry and the Defender make ideal additions to my Eagle Ring collection. This now makes four rings and there are three additional 18K gold rings that have caught my attention. They are the Independence, Colonel/Captain and the Great Seal.

I have a question for you about the WPPS ring. Can this ring be slightly modified to erase the WPPS on the top banner? I am a 35+ year Master Mason and enjoy researching the history of the Masonic Order and that of the Knights Templar. I have not been a part of the WPPS program but really like the overall design of that ring and the Knights Templar shield.

Now I just have to wait until my 75th Birthday in June to be surprised with the wonderful gift of the Defender ring to be given to me by my wife.

Again, for the fourth time, you have overwhelmingly exceeded my expectations with this ring. I shall wear it proudly at each opportunity. It exemplifies my patriotic spirit and love of this great country. Thanks again, Joe Kirby, US Air Force / US Army – Retired
Sheriff’s Office Captain/Commander – Retired

J. Kirby, Redwood City, CA

My wife bought me one of your Colonel Rings when I retired from the Air Force in 2013.  I’ve worn the ring every single day since.  I love the ring, how it fits and how it looks.  I couldn’t have asked for a better retirement gift.

Steven D. Martin
Hello Mike, The rings were delivered early this morning, a day early. Once again, I am amazed at the beauty and detailed craftsmanship of these rings. The detail you put into the Great Seal Ring is absolutely fabulous. This is one ring that I didn’t have to wait until June to appreciate. I have been wearing it since it was delivered. I had lunch with five of my close softball friends and they all immediately took notice of the ring. They too were very impressed with your work and the amount of attention to detail that you put into the design and final product results.

Thank you very much, your biggest fan,

J Kirby, Redwood City, CA

Mike, your craftsmanship and eye for detail is amazing! What a beautiful ring. It’s (almost) too nice to wear. And you are a man of your word. I’ve dealt with the (name withheld) Mint and it took me two months to exchange a ring that was too big. But their ring doesn’t even come close to yours. Do you ever get any special requests for one of a kind orders? I’ll be placing another order in the future. Thanks again, Mike and my regards to your bride.

B. Berka, New York, NY

I have worn it for about a week now and have received five compliments on it. This ring is simple but I agree, it sends a powerful message. Thank you for your fine work.

James Kolbin, LAPD, retired

I wanted to confirm with you that I received my Republic ring today and I could not be happier with it. It is a perfect fit and a great addition to my collection of everything eagle. I am truly impressed with your craftsmanship and the feel of the ring, not too bulky and not too heavy yet makes a bold statement on my hand. I cannot wait until I can add another of your designs to my collection.

K. Glowienke, Elk Grove Village, IL

Hi Mike, I received my Republic ring the other day. It’s gorgeous, a pure specimen of craftsmanship and the attention to detail is remarkable. I will be wearing this ring for the rest of my life and it will now become a family heirloom which will be handed down to my grandson and to future generations. Thank you very much.

E.F. Gilman, Sr., Lifetime Member, Vermont Institute of Natural Science

As you know, I recently ordered a sterling silver “Republic” ring as a gift for my husband, who recently became a U.S. citizen. I wanted to give him a special and unique ring that adequately signified this important moment in his life, and the “Republic” ring was the perfect choice. Let me just say that the picture on your website does not do it justice! It is a beautiful ring, with such exquisite detail. My husband was very surprised and very pleased with it. He absolutely LOVES it!!! He says it is a perfect and very comfortable fit, and he really likes the weight of it. He couldn’t stop admiring it all night, commenting on what a beautiful work of art it is, full of such amazing detail. He plans on wearing it everyday! He is very grateful to you for making such an exquisite ring,and he sends you his highest compliments – as do our family and friends who have also had an opportunity to admire your craftsmanship. (we have since referred them to your website, with our utmost compliments!) I would also like to thank you for filling my order so quickly, and having it shipped to me in time for my husband’s party. Thank you again for this beautifully designed and crafted ring. It will definitely become a family heirloom.

M. and H. De Assis, Los Angeles, CA

I received my Republic ring yesterday, it is a work of art. This is the ring that I have been searching for, and I am delighted with it. As a Navy veteran, I love my country and I want it to remain free for my children and grandchildren. I will wear this ring everyday with pride. Thank you for the fine product!

B. Gorman, Phoenix, AZ


S. Graham, Newfoundland

Just got finished polishing my eagle ring. Mike, you,re the “Davinci” of Craftsman. I really admire the quality of the product you turn out my friend! Made inThe USA by an American Craftsman!! You’re The “Orange County Chopper” of Ring Manufacturers!!!

Bill Berka, New York, NY

Mike, Received my Republic ring today and it is magnificent. I had been looking for a ring for the past 20 years or so and am very pleased to say that this ring is exactly what I had hoped to find. The craftsmanship and fit are superb. Thank you!!

M. Menth, CDR USN (RET), Shorewood, MN

Just received my fourth eagle ring the Legacy. It is big and bold, just espouses what service to this nation means to this old retired sailor – Duty, Honor, Country. This magnificent ring will be worn with great pride. The ring gives meaning to having served in the greatest sea power on earth where honor and tradition are forever cherished. Well done my friends, well done. Thanks and God bless you and Maribeth for putting up with this old retired Master Chief!! Your help and service as always was top notch.

ENCM (SW) USN, RET., J.A. Noonan, Pace, FL

Wow, you guys outdid yourselves with this ring. Five years ago I purchased the original USMC ring in sterling silver which I gave to my nephew who just joined the Corps. Now I just bought the new laser designed and I am REALLY impressed. Its a perfect copy of the EGA in great detail. This one won’t leave my hand. Thank you. Semper Fi.

B. Lewis, San Antonio, TX

My Coast Guard ring arrived today. I am very pleased. The sizing is just right. The Coast Guard ring is a great design and is a great testament to my 31 years of active duty. I will proudly wear it and display it to my friends. Thank you for caring about those of us who serve.

J. McNamara, Cartersville, FL

I have to admit, you have the best one out there. I have looked at a lot Coast Guard rings and they all, except yours, look like high school class rings. I am proud to wear it. It really sums up the 22 years I spent there. Thank you.

M. Smith, Portsmouth, VA