What Our Customers Say

Hey Mike, my Defender ring arrived 8/8/22, as you indicated it would, and I have to say that this is the most impressive ring I have ever seen or worn.  When your website described it as “one of the larger rings,” I have to confess that I thought “Yeah, sure, I’ve read that before.” But this ring is a beast! It is indeed a commanding design and the weight and feel of the ring is extraordinary.  As a USAF Security Forces veteran and military retiree, this ring says it all.  Thanks so very much for your amazing work and the speed with which you filled my order.  

Also, I’m in the midst of relocating and will be resuming my podcast (audio and video) very soon.  I anticipate some good comments and feedback when my viewers see that ring!

D. Carter, Cameron Park, CA

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Carroll, I bought two rings in the past, Freedom and Defender. My Uncle passed away and left me some money. I wanted to spend a portion of that on a lasting memorial to him. I purchased the Centurion ring. It is absolutely beautiful, solid, heavy and extremely detailed. My uncle was a U.S. Army veteran of Viet Nam and I’m a Gulf war veteran. I remember my uncle every day because I wear my ring everyday. This ring will be passed down to my son, a USMC veteran of the Iraq war, Thank you for treating me like part of your family and I will be getting another ring from you soon – made in the U.S.A.! Sincerely yours.

M. Reister, Chester, IL

Mr. Carroll, what can I say about this magnificent ring? The Phoenix ring even now shines on my hand, heavy with fine craftsmanship and minute detail. It is going to be shown to everyone that I know, and I am already planning another purchase. I am truly impressed with the styling and the look of the ring, as it is everything that I had hoped. Thank you and good luck!

J. Ives, Richmond, TX

Just received my two 18K gold eagle rings and they are both absolutely outstanding. The workmanship that you put into these rings is worth of emulation by others. I was really happy to have found your website back 20 years ago when I was looking for something special to commemorate my retirement from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, after a 33+ years of service. I then chose the Centurion ring in 18K gold. Here it is 20 years later and it looks like it was made yesterday. 

My latest acquisitions, the America, with the enamel flags, the Sentry and the Defender make ideal additions to my Eagle Ring collection. This now makes four rings and there are three additional 18K gold rings that have caught my attention. They are the Independence, Colonel/Captain and the Great Seal.

I have a question for you about the WPPS ring. Can this ring be slightly modified to erase the WPPS on the top banner? I am a 35+ year Master Mason and enjoy researching the history of the Masonic Order and that of the Knights Templar. I have not been a part of the WPPS program but really like the overall design of that ring and the Knights Templar shield.

Now I just have to wait until my 75th Birthday in June to be surprised with the wonderful gift of the Defender ring to be given to me by my wife.

Again, for the fourth time, you have overwhelmingly exceeded my expectations with this ring. I shall wear it proudly at each opportunity. It exemplifies my patriotic spirit and love of this great country. Thanks again, Joe Kirby, US Air Force / US Army – Retired
Sheriff’s Office Captain/Commander – Retired

J. Kirby, Redwood City, CA